lundi 30 mars 2009

France 24 TV debate on March 27, 2009

Part 1
The main driving factor of today's Madagascar turmoil is:
an insurrection of some RICHES (less than 20 families) against the SUPER-RICH (President Marc Ravalomanana)

Part 2
No matter what the number of great reasons of this insurrection:
- public affairs mismanagement,
- unfair business competition from Mr. Ravalomanana group,
- too straight-forward, result-oriented people management style by Mr. Ravalomanana,

This power seizure has been
a military backed COUP, achieved through threatens and violence. This is UNACCPETABLE.

If no peaceful solution
is found in less than 6 months from now on, Madagascar, as a state, will blow up and will become like Somalia.

Illegal and non-constitutional regime will never comfort the International Community: donors will stand off from Madagascar so will surely investors (except may be these who might have funded this Coup)

Solofo Rafenombolatiana