vendredi 17 avril 2009


American Chronicle du 17 Avril 2009

Un point de vue d'un simple quidam (comme vous et moi), Chijioke Osumo, sur American Chronicle (un Journal citoyen en ligne ayant 3.500 contributors dans le monde et plus de 11 millions de visiteurs par an !)

et il dit sans ambages (mais de quoi il se mêle ce .....? dirait-on à Tana) en quelques lignes:
  • "What´s to be done? This is not a time for oral condemnation alone but action, stiff action by all within and without Madagascar. International community should stitch in time to save this impoverished Island from the hand of political desperados and economic manipulators"
  • "In addition, Madagascar should be made to understand the negative consequences of a possible economic sanction in event of her insistence on not reverting to a constitutional position".
  • "Finally, Rajoelina should hand over government to a legitimate authority to conduct an election. In the constitution of Madagascar, in event of a president´s resignation, the head of parliament´s upper house should take over power and organize election within two months. As such, constitutional provision should be obeyed and a prime minister be subsequently appointed. Any other action, than this should be termed an illegality"
  • I believe, whatever may be the internal realities within Madagascar democracy, rule of law and human right should be the consensus of international position.

De ma part, c'est "NO COMMENT"